Purgène Intimate Whitening Cream Purgène Intimate Whitening Cream provides white skin in the sensitive area by its powerfull whitening ingredients with antioxidants and natural whitening agents.

Purgène Intimate Whitening Cream (50ml)

Purgène Face Whitening Cream  Purgène Face Whitening Cream provides white and shiny skin. It also treat the dark spots of the derma by its special formula which is containing strong whitening agents of Glycerine, Vitamin E, Glutathione and AHA. This formula is unique for its highly effect by whitening , […]

Purgène Face Whitening Cream (50ml)

Purgène Anti Lice Shampoo 120ml (with Free Comb) Purgène Anti Lice Shampoo keeps away lice from hair by its formula containing tea tree oil which is known effective aganist lice keep away while it provides clean skin  and  healthy hair with panthenol and aloe vera in content.Suitable for daily use. […]

Purgène Anti Lice Shampoo (120ml)